About Madurai

Madurai is a special place also termed as Temple city of India situated in south region of India. In this

location you can find several families from distinct religion visiting constantly and all celebrations are

took place at once and it is popular throughout the world. This place is situated in Middle East part

between the bank of Vaigai River and in the past century Pandian Kingdom has ruled in Madurai. The

spot of Madurai has a great heritage and history of social legacy which has been populated and followed

for long time decade. Researcher has officially discovered and updated that this spot is available for the

past 2500 years ago and also noted that employment service will be focused and enhanced in 550 AD.

This valuable monumental city is popular by name called lotus city. This wonderful city is secured like a

heaven by Pandiyan kingdom where the people over there will worship Lord Shiva. It was proved that

paradise nectar fulfills in all places because of jasmine flower blooms all around with sprout and it also

surrounded in all parts of Madurai city. At the same period one more thing is getting popular in this

lotus city which is headed by Nayal superiority of Christian religion.