When to go

Madurai has hot and dry atmosphere for most piece of the year. Winters (December to February) are

superb the temperature goes within 18°C to 32°C. These months are useful for visiting and asylum visits.

Summers (March to June) are exceedingly hot with temperature floating around 26°C to 41°C. The

environment is uncommonly hot especially May and June. Rainstorm (July to August) has medium to

overpowering rainfalls as a less than dependable rule running with rainstorms. The city offer moderate

environment in the midst of tempests, and is a flawless time for the people who like stormy excursion.

October and November months highlight cool air. These months are extraordinary for visiting and other

vacationer activities. The flawless atmosphere in winter is a lovely time for asylum visits, visiting and

travel. The best time for going to the spot is from October to March.